Child Seats

Child Seats For Airport Transfers

Please book your baby seat in advance

We don’t carry baby seats on every journey so if this is a service you require, please inform us in advance and we will be able to provide you with a car seat that is suitable for your child. Our drivers have access to a range of services and accessories that will ensure you travel in comfort and style at all times, so please contact  Picks Travel if there is anything else you need from us.

There will be times when you need an extra helping hand when planning your airport transfer trip. Baby seats are essential for your child’s safety and well-being, and our teams will always prioritise transporting your child in the safest possible way at all times. At Picks Travel, so if you do not want to carry a baby seat with your luggage, or if you forgot your baby seat, we have you covered.

We have child seat/s 9mths to 4yrs, 4yrs to 12, also booster cushions for the bigger kids, to ensure everyone has a comfortable and safe journey.

We are always happy to accommodate for people travelling with children.

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