Transport To and From School

Getting your child to school on time is incredibly important, as their education is probably the most important thing in their life. Unfortunately, the rigours of modern life mean that it isn’t always easy to get your kids to school and then make it to work on time – which is where we are able to help.

We offer a reliable service whereby we will provide a taxi to school for your children, ensuring that they are there on time and don’t miss any valuable lessons. All of the drivers we use for this service are thoroughly vetted before starting, therefore meaning that your children will be completely safe when being transported by them.

Safety is our main focus, and that’s why we have also ensured that all of our drivers have received the best training when it comes to road safety. We want to make sure your children get to school on time, but we’d never allow our drivers to drive dangerously or illegally in order to do so. What’s more, our drivers are all experienced in working with children in this manner, so will be able to responsibly deal with any issues that might arise.

We aren’t only available to take your children to school, as we are also able to pick them up as well, and drive them back home safely. Pick up times can be flexible, meaning that you don’t have to worry if your child has an after school club or other activity – simply tell us and we’ll arrange the rest.

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School Taxi Service