Discover our wide selection of vehicles, offering diverse transportation options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require a comfortable and spacious saloon for a solo journey or a roomy minibus to accommodate your family or group, we have the perfect choice for you. Our fleet includes efficient compact cars for the budget-conscious traveler, luxurious saloons for a touch of elegance, minibuses for larger groups, and spacious Minibuses for those seeking ample legroom and luggage space. Additionally, our airport transfer services are available, ensuring a convenient and stress-free start or end to your trip. Book now from our variety of vehicles for a comfortable and reliable transportation experience.

Vehicle Options


Saloon Car

Our modern saloon cars are the most economic and popular choice for a quick trip. It can easily carry up to 4 passengers plus 2 pieces of hand luggage and 2 suitcases.


Estate Car

If you need extra space for luggage, you should consider an Estate car. It can carry up to 4 passengers plus 3 pieces of hand luggage and 3 suitcases. The best choice for Airport Transfer.


6-Seater Vehicle

A versatile 6-seater vehicle for small groups with hand luggage only.



A roomy minibus perfect for accommodating groups larger than 4 people; you need to hire a Minibus. It can carry up to 8 suitcases.


Hackney Carriage

Our hackney vehicles prioritize easy entry and exit for wheelchair users and convenient access for parents with prams, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.


Executive Car

The spacious interior of our Executive Minibus makes every business trip a pleasure. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers plus 7 suitcases.